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Assistance to the children of the recyclers:

We provide after school care for the children of the recyclers. We help them with their homework; provide them with Bible studies, school supplies and a warm nutritious meal. In addition they receive school scholarships and follow-up visits to their schools and homes. Their mothers lack secure, formal occupations and see scavenging in the garbage as the only means of providing for their families. They are mostly single moms, with absent or dysfunctional husbands and they live well below the poverty level.


We are working in conjunction with the Alianza en Desarrollo to help keep these children in school and off the streets where they face both health and safety issues. Currently there are 120 children ranging in age from kindergarten to high school enrolled in the program. Once a month we are opening our church classrooms for the recyclers for training sessions, personal ministry, Bible study and a snack.

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