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We have been hosting medical outreaches in conjunction with teams from the U.S. and Canada for more than 30 years. We serve an average of 15,000 patients every year in up to 9 different short-term mission teams. We work together with Global Health Outreach, Forward Edge International, and several other U.S. groups. Our teams are made up of medical and dental professionals who provide primary care, cardiology, pediatrics, ophthalmology and gynecology along with general and orthopedic surgery.

Our focus is on communities where medical services are inadequate, and the economic situation is dire. While providing basic health care, we share the love of God, and the grace of Jesus Christ with each of our patients and their families as we minister to their emotional and spiritual needs.

Because we work in conjunction with national and municipal governments and also cooperate with Compassion International, many of our church plants have benefited from hosting a medical team. *See article below for more information.

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We are thankful to be part of a ministry that touches so many lives, and we are privileged to meet and work with so many exceptional professionals and great team members. Come and join us on a team!

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